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        I am Yiskah, a singing harpist who writes and shares my own songs as well as sings and plays harp to share other well-known songs and pieces of music. I do music for concerts, weddings, memorial services, art festivals, bar/bat mitzvahs, anniversaries, guest music at churches, and more. I sell my music online and also have written a small book that is also for sale online. I make oil paintings and jewelry and sell these, too, from time to time.

     But "why harp? why harp and singing? what started it all? and why in three different languages?" I will answer in short.

            As a child, I heard about King David in the Bible, how he made music on the harp and sang psalms to the Creator. I learned how this would bless G-d and bring peace to all the people who heard this music. I wanted to share that with G-d and the people around me. You might say my desire to learn how to play the harp was from a deep desire to bring peace, love, and hope to people, and to ultimately draw closer to the Creator's heart. 

         I have faced death and also great loss. I am a walking miracle. I celebrate this miracle, my background, my faith, and life itself in my singing and playing the harp. I sing and play the harp with all my heart.

         I grew up having private lessons for harp and took voice instruction in college. I also had the amazing experience of growing up in a musical family that traveled with our instruments. I have sang and played harp across the United States, but also in Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Israel. Join me in my journey of life and music, as I continue to share it. 

           If you would be interested in having me share music at your next event, feel free to message below. If you would like to simply encourage me on my journey, you may also share words of encouragement below. 


    *Yes, I do travel by plane, but due to past situations, I no longer travel with my small harp on planes. Please find out about rental harps in your area before arranging a plane ticket for me to come to your area. Thank you!

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